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Start your happy 2019 with Ukiyo's signature osechi lunch

Osechi is one of traditional meals which eaten on New Year's day in Japan.

In most cases, Osechi meals are to be enjoyed at home , among family members and relatives. Yet here in Ukiyo, we have made it available foe anyone as "Osechi Lunchi," freshly and skillfully prepared by our chef. Every single item in the meal has an auspicious meaning attached to it, making it a meal to bring you a great 2019 ahead!

Ukiyo serves Osechi set lunch only between 4th and 10thof January this year!

・Osechi Lunch -1,900yen

Contents basic osechi dishes.

Yuzu pot stuffed with daikon pickles and salmon roe/ Carrot flower/ Grilled adductor muscle/ Marinated salmon/ Umaki(omlet with eel)/ Herring roe/ Seabream fish cake/ Teriyaki corld yellowtail/ Savory oil packed oyster/ Sweet runner bean/ Tofu skin fry/ Shrimp ball fry/ Iridori/ Rice/ Clear soup/ Coffee or black tea/ Dessert

※Rice and clear soup can be replaced by zoni for 200 yen additional charge.

・Premium Osechi Lunch -3,900yen (reservation neccesary)

ALL IN ONE. If you would like to try every dishes of osechi, this make your dream come true.

Yuzu pot stuffed with daikon pickles and salmon roe/ Carrot flower/ Teriyaki cold yellowtail/ Herring roe/ Steamed abalone/ Seabream fish cake/ Savory oil packed oyster/ Umaki(omlet with eel)/ Sweet chestnut paste/Marinated salmon/ tofu skin fry/ Shrimp ball fry/ Kombu roll(kelp roll)/ Steamed shrimp/ Sweet runner bean/ Iridori/ Shimmered shrimp/ Hari hari zuke/ Grilled squid/ Rice/ cCear soup/ Zoni/ coffee or black tea/ Dessert

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